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Kamara Digital

Kamara Tokens

Targeted to become the leading digital currencies for entertainment transactions.



An equity tokenization of Kamara’s innovative entertainment conglomerate, is aimed to offer transparent and even distribution of the profits in the 21st century.

Eliminating all traditional “net” and “gross” participations, with one class of token to be held and traded between all stakeholders; the industry talents, Kamara management, and financial markets.

Putting the power back in the hands of there artists and creators of content, as our management understands the needs of the creative talent should be aligned with a studio in its success!

Kamara Coin


Kamara Coin (“KMC”) is minted to become the leading digital currency for entertainment transactions throughout the universe.

The coin will be a universal entertainment currency backed by Kamara, to be spent on Kamara’s ongoing NFT productions and future entertainment offerings such as;  “El Paso” meta-world where Kamara Coin will be the primary currency, subscription on the upcoming Kamara Live streaming platform, exclusive privileges at A-list and VIP access in Kamara City, and it can be staked/traded on trading platforms. 

In short, all future retail offerings (online and storefront) by Kamara will accept Kamara Coin as a preferred payment solution.    

How to obtain Kamara Coin?
      • Purchase Kamara Coin;

        • Through direct Kamara Coin offerings by Kamara Capital
        • On global crypto exchanges / Pier to Pier via direct wallet transactions at market price.

Kamara Card

Kamara will launch its own debit card backed by Kamara Coin*. This card will have flexible spending ability across all retail and consumer purchases and will allow consumers to receive significant rewards on their entertainment purchases, in the form of Kamara Coin. 

Card is essentially an extension of the Wallet to facilitate ease of use for entertainment consumers who have yet to adopt wallet smart phone technology.

Kamara LIVE

Kamara plans to roll out KVOD, initially as a digital subscription streaming service, direct to home, distribution platform which offers more focused content than competitors with an attractive value proposition.

Kamara will stockpile approximately €1.5 billion worth of high-quality entertainment content, to offer a large volume of consumer content at launch of its streaming service.

Kamara streaming platform will have an innovative payment and tier-based pricing model to combine SVOD and AVOD on the same platform.

The Kamara Coin will be a universal entertainment currency backed by Kamara, it can be spent on Kamara’s digital content (KVOD streaming platform), towards exclusive privileges at A-list and VIP events, and held/traded into Kamara Equity Token and Kamara NTF’s on trading platforms.

Following its opening in Alicante, all retail offerings in Kamara City will accept Kamara Coin as a preferred payment solution.

— Kamara Coin will be the pathway. 

Kamara App

Kamara will develop a smartphone App which connects Kamara Card users with Kamara Digital Wallets. The app will have a “Kamara Coin level meter”, indicating what level of access and privileges the Coin balance will grant users with KVOD and Kamara City.

Kamara Capital

Will serve with full regulatory licenses for the investment banking of Kamara’s token management and token offerings, once the initial tokens are issued and the digital platforms; Wallet&Card App, Kamara City interaction and ProPortal, have been launched. Kamara Capital is the financial services arm for Kamara Digital and other Kamara business verticals.


Kamara presents a first-of-its-kind NFT project. In Q2, 2022, Kamara began production on EL PASO VERSE where a series of motion pictures are distributed exclusively in a new format to be known as — NFT Motion.

It provides filmmakers creative freedom to produce chapters and segments which are deemed explosive, controversial, atmospheric or simply iconic within the IP, thereby offering NFT collectors the experience of extraordinary artistry and production quality through limited supply editions. NFT Motion will be a cinematic experience to rival long-form cinema, and its viewing will be the most exclusive screenings in the history of motion picture.