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Meet The Team


Senior Management

James Cardwell

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Ryan Wiik

Chairman & President

Nick Cassavetes

Founding Officer, Film and TV content

Advisors - Cinematic Division

Louis Feola

Head of Entertainment

Ned Nalle

Executive Director of TV Development and Production

Peter Green

Executive Director of Film Development and Production

Ardeshir Radpour

Founding Officer, Business Development

Mike Marvin

Founding Officer, Content Production

Christian Ramirez

Founding Officer & Executive Director of Creative Design

Lee S. Mimms

Founding Officer, Live Shows and Events

Kamara City Divsion

B. Brian Martin

Head of Kamara City

Pedro Heredia

Head Legal Affairs, Kamara City

Mabel Klimt

Legal Advisor

Corporate Advisors

Jenny Chu

Founding Officer, Strategic Planning

Heinrich Zetlmayer

Advisory Board, Kamara Digital

Alan Hunter

Executive Advisor of Advertising

Alberto Cejudo

Head of IP and Digital Investments, Kamara Capital


Kamara presents a first-of-its-kind NFT project. In 2022, Kamara began production on EL PASO VERSE where a series of motion pictures are distributed exclusively in a new format to be known as — NFT Motion.

It provides filmmakers creative freedom to produce chapters and segments which are deemed explosive, controversial, atmospheric or simply iconic within the IP, thereby offering NFT collectors the experience of extraordinary artistry and production quality through limited supply editions. NFT Motion will be a cinematic experience to rival long-form cinema, and its viewing will be the most exclusive screenings in the history of motion picture.