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To become the first Major Studio / global entertainment destination based in Europe — with its planned headquarters in Alicante, Spain.

Centered around Kamara Studios, Kamara City, will develop a digital portal and tourist destination encompassing several hundred acres of eSports and VR / AR attractions with gateway to ground-breaking entertainment experiences geared for the new digital frontier, along with residential, dining, hotels and live show venues to accommodate 4 million plus visitors each year — projected to create 24,000 jobs in the region.


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Kamara City, will originate and create studio centric offerings that compete with international brands and IP experiences from its studio and film division. It will leverage and integrate newly developed production from its studios into real-life experiences for the millions of visiting guests that pass-through Kamara City, annually.

The key offerings of Kamara City, include the following entertainment offerings and activities:


  • Kamara Digital Portal
  • Kamara Street
  • Kamara Stage
  • Kamara Hotels
  • Kamara Residences
  • Kamara Parking

Kamara City

  • Development and operation of Metaverse integrated entertainment attraction, leveraging Kamara Studio’s franchised intellectual property
  • 500 acres of entertainment attractions, including VR experiences, eSports arenas, studio tour and live entertainment venues with accompanying dining
  • 2+ million expected annual visitors, creating €213 million in revenue
  • Development of a 5,000 seat open-air Amphitheatre for hosting premium entertainment events, including concerts and theatrical productions
  • Creation of one-of-a-kind live, cineamatic experiences based on Kamara Studios’ intellectual property
  • Inspired by The Grove and Universal Studios’ CityWalk in Los Angeles, Kamara Street will provide studio visitors a multi-sensory entertainment experience with 50+ venues
    • Immersive retail venues
    • Restaurants
    • Live Entertainment Venues
    • Kids’ Attractions
  • Projected annual revenue in exces of €124 million, from over 4 million visitors
  • Creation of 1,500 permanent jobs for local citizens
  • Partnerships with premium hotel brands to develop accommodations for Kamara Street’s 4 million annual visitors
  • The hotels will offer a variety accomodations for all budgets and all travelers, with special consideration for families
  • Development of ample parking structures throughout the Kamara Studios lot for all employees, talent and visitors
  • Revenue expected to be significant
  • Development of a variety of residence-style accomodations for talent and select visitors
  • Villas
    • Reserved for lead talent and VIPs
    • 24 units, to accommodate mulitple concurrent projects
  • Terraces
    • Designed for essential actors and other key individuals
    • 36 units, to accommodate mulitple concurrent projects
  • Balconies
    • Intended for crew members of ongoing productions
    • 100 units, to accommodate mulitple concurrent projects
  • Dormitories
    • Available for the students of Kamara Academy
    • 150 units, designed to accommodate 2 students each per semester
  • Consistent revenue from production and academy housing


Kamara presents a first-of-its-kind NFT project. In 2022, Kamara began production on EL PASO VERSE where a series of motion pictures are distributed exclusively in a new format to be known as — NFT Motion.

It provides filmmakers creative freedom to produce chapters and segments which are deemed explosive, controversial, atmospheric or simply iconic within the IP, thereby offering NFT collectors the experience of extraordinary artistry and production quality through limited supply editions. NFT Motion will be a cinematic experience to rival long-form cinema, and its viewing will be the most exclusive screenings in the history of motion picture.